The Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) is the only national trade association representing competitive power suppliers.

Founded in 1992, EPSA advocates for well-functioning competitive wholesale electricity markets. Healthy competitive markets provide the best foundation to reliably power the nation’s homes and businesses at the lowest cost—as well as to foster the innovation and sustainable environmental progress needed to meet the future.

EPSA seeks to bring the benefits of energy competition to all Americans.

Our Members

EPSA member companies provide reliable, competitively priced electricity from environmentally responsible generation facilities using a diverse mix of fuels and technologies, including natural gas, renewables such as wind, solar, and hydropower, nuclear, and coal.

In total, our members own and operate nearly 150,000 megawatts of power generation capacity in regions with access to competitive wholesale electricity markets, governed by Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs): New England, New York, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, Texas, the Southwest, and California.

The Power of Competition

Competitive wholesale power markets are the most effective tool to achieve our nation’s shared energy, environmental, and economic goals.

By allowing all resources and technologies to compete on a level playing field, competitive markets provide clear investment signals—resulting in needed certainty for suppliers to deliver the best outcomes for customers and invest in new technologies.

EPSA members have invested billions of dollars at their own risk to build and maintain their fleet. As customer demand evolves and new technologies become more cost-competitive, EPSA members respond by modernizing their fleet and retiring older facilities.

In the PJM Interconnection region alone, which includes 13 states and the District of Columbia, generators have reduced emissions by 30% since 2005 while delivering annual savings of $3.2 to $4 billion to consumers.

Every day, our members are achieving the goals Congress set out in the transformative Energy Policy Act of 1992, which re-imagined energy markets to improve efficiency and lower consumer costs.

Telling Our Story

EPSA works to share our members’ good news story with policymakers, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders at every level—from the White House and Congress, to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, to the Supreme Court, to state legislatures and utility commissions.

We do so because we know that competitive wholesale power markets are the most effective tool to achieve our shared reliability, energy, economic, and environmental goals.